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Hand Warmers Reusable 4 Pack


Hand Warmers Reusable 4 Pack

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Quick heat remedy for cold hands. Wremedies for easier living reusable hand warmers gives relief when needed instantly.

Our compact hand warmers include 4 reusable heat pouches and 2 fleece covers to keep chilly hands and other ailments associated with the cold at bay.

Easy to use: Just flex the disc in the pouch and watch the gel activate as it releases heat. Massage the pouch for 10 seconds before use and enjoy instant heat for 20-30 minutes.

To reuse, boil in a pan for approximately 8 minutes until the crystals completely dissolve. Leave to cool before reheating.

Note: On rare occasions one or two hand warmers in the pack is delivered crystallised due to the nature of the product. Should this happen, reset the hand warmer by placing in boiling water for 8 minutes until the crystals dissolve completely and allow it to cool before use.

Measuring 10cm x 7cm Wremedies hand warmers make cozy pocket warmer or heated gloves.

100% non-toxic. Gel is made of sodium acetate and water.

Available in four colours: red, purple, yellow and green.


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