You’ve bought a net for your summer holidays or are thinking of getting one. Did you know that when you’re back from your holiday you can get even more uses out of it? Here’s five different ways in which you can use your mosquito net after you are back from your holiday:

  1. Do you have apple trees in your back garden or various fruit trees in your allotment? Why not protect the fruit growing on the trees from all kinds of insects and birds by covering the trees with a mosquito net.

  1. Protect the fishes in the pond in your back garden at night-time by covering it with a large mosquito net.

  1. Use your mosquito net as curtains and hang on to your porch, balcony or around your pergola. Leave them hanging or tie loosely towards the bottom. They will create a wonderful look but at a very inexpensive cost!

  1. Create a special picnic area in your garden by placing a small round table within your white hanging mosquito net. You will be surprised at the special-look you have created.

  1. Your mosquito net can also double up to make your bedroom look very attractive. Drape your net across your ceiling (if you have something you can tie the sides on to) and then down the side with the lights showing through. You will love the look it creates

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