Mosquito nets are the sort of item you don’t really think about, until someone suggests taking one on holiday. And then you will wonder how you ever went abroad, or even hosted a BBQ without your trusted net. But, if you are a first time buyer here is my guide to all things mosquito nets.

Our Mosquito Nets come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Of course, the main reason to purchase our signature, quality made nets is to protect against bites. And we provide a variety of custom made nets to help ease your travelling experience.

One of our best sellers is the double bed mosquito net that is the perfect aid to take on holiday. They are flat-packed and so can easily pop into your suitcase.  The double bed mosquito net weighs  approximately 320g and can fit up to a kingsize bed. The  single bed mosquito net weighs just  250g. 

All of our nets come with hooks that can be screwed into the ceiling, if you are concerned about hotel management taking a dislike to small holes in their property then worry not. Removable hooks are available that have a clever adhesive backing - meaning you can easily attach them to any wall without causing permanent damage. When you are ready to leave you simply pull down the hooks and pack up your mosquito net.

When travelling with an infant, who are far more at risk from bites, we have nets made especially to protect your little one. Infant nets are made for cribs and cots. Our bespoke baby net lies on the top of a crib and so is suitable only before your baby can stand. Once your baby starts becoming a toddler we stock baby bed net canopies that hangs over the crib, meaning however much your child moves they will be protected.

We also make nets to resemble a four poster canopy bed, bringing a little bit of elegance and chic to your room.  They are available in black, white and Ivory. They are hung using one hook at the very top of the net and can either be left to drape naturally over the bed, or for a more sophisticated look can be tied back to create the illusion of a four poster bed. Our offering of decorative nets to suit the bedroom theme includes a variety of colours adorned with stars, shimmering butterflies,  bobbles and beads and other lovely enhancements. The princess 4 poster bed canopywith flowers canopy is the perfect embellishment for a girl’s room. Looking for something bespoke? Why not personalise a white bed canopy  with fairy lights, stickers or really anything your child is drawn to at your local department.

To protect you during, the admittedly somewhat short, BBQ season we have in England, we stock our extra-large garden parasol net. Fitted over the parasol they encase your outdoor table, meaning you and your guests can enjoy our summer season in peace and quiet. And for when you no longer need protection, you can simply roll up the sides – a worthwhile investment and one that can be used, washed and stored away easily..