When your baby is born you will spend hours poring over paint charts, researching the best cribs and trying to create the best possible environment. Then your baby grows into a precocious toddler, who then develops into a pre-schooler with their own personality and identity. Suddenly the room you painstakingly chose and decorated will not really suit them. And if your child is anything like mine they will make their feelings very loud and all too clear. However, children can be pretty messy and daily change their crazes so it isn’t always worth investing in décor. Instead when redecorating it is worth using inexpensive feature pieces - here are some ideas I used when decorating my own daughter’s room.

  1.        Lights

An inexpensive way to brighten up your child’s room. With a wide variety of styles – themed for a younger child, or adding some sophistication for a teen. You can hang from the ceiling, stick on the wall or go with the traditional bed side table look. Offering a welcome additions to any child’s room they are an affordable enhancement that can be themed to suit your child’s personality and changed as and when the fancy takes them.

  1.        Stencils

Painting walls is often very expensive, messy and exceptionally time consuming. And whilst your five your old may love her bright pink walls – as a teenager she may not feel the same way. Go with a more neutral colour, staying in the white family and use stencils as a feature. They are cheap, easy to use and can easily be painted over and replaced with a more age appropriate design.

  1.        Easy to organise

Keeping your child’s room organised can be a difficult challenge as they fling and throw most of the contents on a daily basis. Buying lots of bright boxes, colourful hooks and even using skateboards as fun alternatives to shelves could liven up a child’s room and make tidying that little bit easier. Sadly, I cannot guarantee your children will be eager to help, but it may provide that little bit of incentive.

  1.        Mosquito Nets

Using mosquito nets to decorate a child’s room may not seem like the obvious choice, they are certainly not the first thing that spring to mind when hearing the phrase interior design. However, mosquito nets can enhance a bed. They are a lovely addition – coming in princess pink and a variety of other colours they create the effect of a four-poster bed. Whether you want to bring a little bit of Disney or a touch of elegance they are the perfect inexpensive addition to any room. You can even decorate them with fairy lights or stickers for a more personalised touch.

  1.        Accessories

Using statement pieces such as rugs, themed bed sheets and pictures can help enhance the room of any child. Bringing a little bit of brightness and some personality, they come reasonably priced and can easily be changed to adapt to the constantly flowing personality of your child. Buying a matching or themed clock, bunting and bed sheets is a lovely way to decorate a child’s room without breaking the bank.