The moment you have a child is pretty special, one of those memories that will last forever. The only thing is you are now responsible for an entirely new human being, with all too real emotions, mood swings and bags of personality. Your beautiful, bouncing baby will change your life and this is no more true than when you go on holiday. So beyond the necessary passport and travellers cheques here are the top five items I have found to be massively helpful when going abroad.  

  1.        Black out blinds

Getting your child to sleep in a foreign country may prove somewhat difficult, frankly getting them to sleep can constantly seem like a series of never ending battles. However, abroad this can often be magnified, as unfamiliar surroundings make night time even more difficult. Buying black out blinds may ease that adjustment, making it seem as if they never left raining and pouring England ensuring your baby is happy and snoring leaving you to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time.  

  1.        Pre-Payment Card

This isn’t strictly baby related, however taking a travel credit card could help save your hard-earned pennies. However much you change at the bureau du change it never really seems to go far enough, and the logic that if you exchange less you will spend less doesn’t ever really seem to work. Using your debit or credit card can rack up some high exchange rates, so a few years back a friend recommended a pre-payment card. You load it up with currency and can use it pretty much like a normal debit card, and if you run low you can easily top up online. An easy a money saver.

  1.        Mosquito Nets

Mosquitos are, unfortunately, an annoyance that often accompany holidays abroad.  Up to twenty percent of us are susceptible and when your child enters that bracket it can make a holiday abroad so much more difficult. Invest in a mosquito net, they are portable, and an inexpensive way to protect your child. They can be fitted to cover prams, baby cots and toddlers cribs all using removable hooks. And for a fun activity, bring some stickers and have some decorating entertainment before bed time.

  1.        First Aid Kit

For those tumbles, falls and moments that prove your little bundle of joy is probably never going to be an Olympic gymnast bring a first aid kit. Pack it with themed plasters, Calpol sachets and sanitary wipes. To be even more protected take some worm medicine to ensure wherever your child plays he (or she) is very much protected.

  1.        Talcum Powder

For beach holidays, talcum powder works quickly and effectively to remove sand from your body. The perfect way to ensure you don’t find sand in your sarnies, in between your sheets or stuck inside your sandals. Creating a cleaner holiday, it is an essential you will soon swear by. For some additional cleaning comfort invest in a sanitary spray – less sticky than a gel it is an easy way to ensure your little ones are playing safely.